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Winds were felt as far west as the Great Lakes and into Canada. Sandy hit power stations hard. More than 8 million people were without power, as stations flooded and trees fell on power lines. Con Ed said it received the worst damage to its system ever, leaving , people without power.

Urban Dictionary: The Sandy Effect

This included many hospitals. Lower Manhattan was completely dark. Officials said full power might not be returned for a week, as they were still assessing the damage. Repairmen were literally pumping water out of the electrical tunnels. New York State requested 4, utility workers from as far away as California. As the storm hit the cold front, the rain turned to snow.

Some areas of southwestern Virginia and Kentucky received two feet of snow.

Hurricane Sandy's effects

The Appalachians in North Carolina and Tennessee received up to 18 inches. CNBC broadcast. Sandy caused more than 20 fires in the greater New York area. The largest was a six-alarm fire in Queens. Gas price futures dropped after the storm, despite the closure of some refineries. Oil prices initially fell , since there was temporarily less demand from closed refineries.

The worst hurricane in U. It left 1, people dead.


Most of Katrina's damage was due to flooding in New Orleans. The second most damaging was Hurricane Harvey. This Category 4 storm hit Texas on August 25, Most of the damage occurred after it hit Florida on September 10, The unofficial death toll is people. Their fear is based in fact. Global warming has increased the earth's temperature by 1. Warmer air holds more of the moisture that feeds hurricanes. Flooding and storm surges near coastal cities are made worse by rising sea levels. It undulates north and south as it goes. The Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the globe.

That slows down the jet stream and allows storms to hover. It predicted 32 super-extreme storms with winds above miles per hour.

Investigation of Crude Oil Pollution Effect on Stiffness Characteristics of Sandy and Gypseous Soil

Because of their unbridled strength, scientists may reclassify these storms into a new category: Category 6. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance, you accept our. Natural Disasters Recessions Economic Sectors.

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    How Bad Was Hurricane Sandy?