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There is nothing else like it—the distinctive wail and rhythms that instantly transport you back in time.

The Maryville Kid

Take pleasure in watching the ballet-like moves that define the grace and beauty of Highland Dance. Music all day -something for every taste!


Fierce Competition Meets Brute Strength See some of the toughest lads and lasses around - in fierce competition. Scotch Seminars Saturday at pm and pm Do you know the difference between Laphroaig and Glenfiddich? Learn all about Scotches in our entertaining seminars Learn more.


Learn more. But during his year-long stay at the CHC, he has thrived and reached his maturation benchmarks as he got bigger and stronger.

I was a little nervous, having hour care for him. She noted that Ahmad has developed a special rapport with Nurse Karen Krause. He can hear her or he can smell her.

The Center provides care to medically fragile children, or medically complex, who may be technology-dependent e. The Center provides transitional care from hospital to home and offers respite care for caregivers, giving them much needed breaks from demanding schedules. There are separate rooms for physical therapy, learning, eating and play.

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Singing into the mic, kids suddenly become rock stars. Piper is a sweet, pleasant young lady who radiates warmth and comfort. Her angelic eyes and smile make those around her feel good. Community groups and individuals are welcome to help support Kids Rock Cancer by a hosting an event.

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Invites include but not limited to house parties, happy hours and special luncheons. What is Kids Rock Cancer? Learn More.