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Then he called the Britons back. Now you can handle the stones and carry them into your ships.

They brought them to England and carried them to Amesbury, into the fields nearby. To the medieval mind, the stone circle was a monument to human mastery of nature, as well as to the fallen Britons. Still today we measure ourselves by the power of our prehistoric ancestors to have created it.

Giants' Dance

I recently created a linocut of the child Merlin guiding the reconstruction of Stonehenge. Go here to see where to visit an oversized piano. Haunted Hills has never exactly been a hot drop, so good luck gearing up after this.

This is by far the furthest one away from the other two, and you are going to have to hike way, way down south unless the island decides to drift up toward you. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet.

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Although written for a corporate audience, the book offers valuable insights for Extension professionals as well. Rosebeth Moss Kanter. When Giants Learn To Dance.

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  • New York: Simon and Schuster, As Extension professionals seek ways to meet the needs of their clientele, while at the same time facing their own organizational challenges, the need for clear direction becomes even more apparent. Kanter discusses the pressure facing American business from global economics.

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    Corporations must streamline operations and reduce bureaucratic layers to become more competitive and responsive to the needs of the market. Methods of initiating innovative ideas are shown through case studies of how various corporations prepared themselves to be more effective in meeting these challenges.

    Corporations must also "do more with less.